1-Minute Mask, No Sewing

I was stunned by how simple this is! From a simple sock, this woman makes a few snips with scissors… absolutely no sewing required… and voilà! One perfect mask…

Oops! This video was removed from its source due to a copyright claim. Bummer! But there’s a similar video further down this page.

I’m not sure how much protection it provides. It would depend on the make of the sock and how tight it stretches over your face. The more it stretches, the wider the gaps in the knit. If you want to be extra safe, then a coffee filter could be slipped inside (between your face and the sock). But overall, this seems much safer than wearing no face mask at all. And at least it will satisfy the requirement in many stores that say a mask is necessary to enter.

Here’s another version from someone else…

Video: Belgian woman shows how to make a DIY face mask out of a sock

Safia Aggoune, a dancer from Amsterdam, took to TikTok to demonstrate how to make the mask with one sock and a few simple incisions.