Aaron Paul & wife Lauren invite us into coziest luxe home ever

Aaron & Lauren Paul seem to have a genuine friendship with each other, as well as the obvious romance. They seem well suited to be together, which is good considering they are mostly alone-together in the wide expanse of Idaho. 

I imagine they’d be delightful hosts if one were lucky enough to be a part of their inner circle. Both seem grounded, artistic and kind with a good sense of humor. Perhaps it’s my past life as a romance doctor that is focused on them instead of their house. More about the house a little further down the page. First, here’s the video (below)… enjoy! 

Inside Aaron Paul’s Rustic Riverside Home In Idaho
Open Door | Architectural Digest

If one were inclined to be jealous of Paul’s warmly decadent homestead, first know this; at one point Aaron says that he “used to live in a closet”… then his wife Lauren adds “literally”… to which Aaron humbly reveals the reason why (because we all want to know the deets on that truth-bomb)… Aaron says “because I had no money”. Wow, a lot of people can identify with that nowadays. He is very cool to be so open and authentic. 

I like him way more in real life than as that scheming meth jerk Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad! Although it must be said that he is a most talented actor. I’ve enjoyed him in all of his projects. 

Aaron & Lauren Paul invite AD into their Idaho home for a look-see 

These photos reveal a super-comfy movie theatre, the “Whiskey Lounge” in the lower level, a large and welcoming living room & kitchen with window seats that overlook a river. Aaron and Lauren like to sit there for morning coffee to watch deer and other wildlife just doing their thing! 

Frankly, I’m impressed with how inviting the home feels, in spite of its luxury. And yes, even the luxury is very tastefully done. Probably this has a lot to do with their personalities. They seem like authentic people and their home reflects that. They chose reclaimed materials that had meaning and history. They took great care to select the right stonework. Even their collections of bric-a-brac has meaning… such as the various birds. 

This home tour was a lot of fun. I’m left with a warm and fuzzy feeling where only the coldness of a-world-in-lockdown used to be. lol 

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