Am I a Pig?!

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I live with the pigs
I eat with the pigs
I eat whatever the pigs eat
I sleep with the pigs
I play wherever the pigs play
I do whatever the pigs do
When I look out in the pasture, all I see are pigs
I think therefore, I must be a pig

Photo by MemoryCatcher on Pixabay

Moral of the Story

It’s easy to forget who we are when we surround ourselves with too much of one thing. There’s nothing wrong with hanging out in the pigpen, but if you’re not really a pig, then isn’t it nice to have options when the butcher appears?!
Photo by suju on Pixabay


Get variety in your life instead of sticking with only the people you’re comfortable with. Base your identity on solid personal values instead of what everybody around you is doing. Develop healthy principles that bring genuine happiness. Determine who you are in the quiet moments without distraction. Tune out the actions of others so that they are only background noise. Other people’s choices should not be your compass. Let your own actions be based on personal need that is carefully contemplated instead of reacting to random external stimulus.

Photo by peterjamesanthony on Pixabay

To learn more about “the filter bubble” and how it’s affecting you — whether you know it or not — check out this TED Talk from the author of the book “The Filter Bubble”. It was written in 2011 but is even more relevant in today’s world.

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