Elevate Your Mood with this Baby Raccoon Learning to Swim!

This little goober is the cutest! A baby raccoon named Cheeto, learning to swim in a luxury resort. Just kidding! It’s the family backyard but it’s quite exquisite. This fur baby has no idea how good life is compared to other raccoons who have no humans.

Cheeto the Raccoon

Whenever I feel a little glum, I like to watch this video and it never fails to cheer me up… all the way up! Check it out and see if you can stay cranky by the end of it. Just try to stay bummed. I dare ya’!

Raccoons love swimming, and Cheeto was old enough to take to the pool. Watch how he attempts to swim for the first time! Comment your favorite scene! Thanks for watching! Be sure to like and subscribe!

Cheeto the Raccoon


This camera filmed this video! GoPro hero 7 black: amzn.to/30XZo1K


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Cheeto the Raccoon
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