Self-Love Rainbow

This website – – has the most vibrant graphics for worksheets and calendars! It makes me feel so happy to visit that site and just soak in all the positive vibes. Even if I don’t feel like “doing the work” that day, I just feel better from all the vibes they are putting out.

The advice and worksheets are so wonderful. We hope to post more about this site in the future but we also suggest that you bookmark them and keep going back whenever you need a little ‘pick me up’!

Here are some examples (below) of their vibrant graphics. These are just a few and their website has so much more! Click on the caption below each image for the story that tells you more about that graphic…

Coping Skills: Challenge Your Thoughts

What You Can Do To Keep Away The Covid Blues

Self-Care Cats

7 Self-Care Tips for Overactive Caregivers

Self-Care for Mental Health

Self-Care Cats

Self-Care for Kids

10 Self-Care Tips for PMS

Self-Care Cats

My 5 Favorite Guided Meditations

Stay Safe Stay Home Self-Care Guide

Self-Care Cats

Using Spring Cleaning to Clear Your Mind

Get Healthy The Right Way With Self-Care

Self-Care Cats

Managing Anxiety About the Corona Virus

How to Combat Compassion Fatigue

Self-Care Cats

Blessing Manifesting

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