Brad Pitt hits a home run with Moneyball


Brad Pitt is being honored with the Desert Palm Achievement Actor Award at the Film Festival for his work in MONEYBALL and Tree of Life. The star-studded event, which runs Jan. 5-16, will also honor Pitt’s Tree of Life co-star Jessica Chastain with the Spotlight Award.  [source]

Photo Gallery from 2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival by

Brad Pitt relied on the use of a cane all evening due a recent ski injury. On the subject of Brad being honored with the Festival’s Desert Palm Achievement Award, good friend George Clooney accused Pitt of courting the “sympathy vote.” … but that was all in fun because Clooney himself would go on to win the festival’s Chairman’s Award for his work in ‘The Ides of March‘ and ‘The Descendants.’ [source]

List of 2012 Nominations for the Golden Globe Awards on (Winners announced January 15, 2012)

Moneyball is also being nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards, including “best motion picture” … “best performance” (for Brad) … and “best performance in a supporting role” for Jonah Hill.

Photo Gallery: Behind the Scenes of ‘Moneyball’ with Brad Pitt

The interesting thing about all these awards and nominations is that MONEYBALL almost never existed! After 5 years of development, months of preproduction and $10M already invested, the execs at Sony Pictures pulled the plug on the project. Read the full story here: Brad Pitt Reveals What He, Sony Did to Save ‘Moneyball’

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