Jim Morrison, Gone Fishin’ (1970)

Jim Morrison & Max Fink 1970, Tuna fishing in Bahamas

Man! This photo is awesome! I found it on Pinterest without any credits and wanted to know more. What was the deal with Jim Morrison of The Doors and fishing? According to a site called “feel numb” this fishing trip happened in September of 1970 in the Bahamas.

Jim was on a break from his indecent exposure trial the bullsh!t in Miami. He took a two day charter for “some fishing, snorkeling and drinking” along with his friend Babe Hill and his Beverly Hills lawyer Max Fink. (hmm, those are some pretty funky names!)

Could we expect any less from one of history’s most unique personalities? I think not. I for one am impressed with his cleverness. If you don’t agree, then please just turn up the volume so we can chill out.

Click here for the fully story and a few more photos 

This post originally appeared at TheFishGuys.com

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