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Verna Lane, Founding Editor

Featured Magazines

In Pursuit of Happiness

Searching for the missing links that make life worth living.

Wiser Hacks

Tips and tricks to save time, do it better, get there faster, save money, improve your satisfaction! Get “wiser hacks” so you too can be the hero who saves the day!

Handbook for Living

The Quintessential Playbook: Success secrets from people who’ve learned the hard way. Topics vary widely for all circumstances in life, home, finance, health, fitness, relationships and career.

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Time for a Break! 😉

Random, curious, informative and stress-free news for your commuter browsing or break from the grind

Other Magazines A-Z

A Matter of Honor

Defining the “backbone factor” ~ the characteristics that foster bravery and nobility in the face of tribulations. #whistleblowers #resistance

Academy of Learning

Scholastic life, study tips, online courses, research & autodidactic resources.


Dealing with active addiction and how to move beyond it – from alcohol to pills, narcotics, gaming, sex, gambling, shopping, tech, whatever you (or your loved one) can become enslaved by!


A handbook for building your life and coping with unforeseen challenges.


Adventure and physical recreation, exploration and daring pursuits.

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All You Are

…and what made you that way.

Architecture & Urban Design

Unique designs in architecture and problem-solving for urban design.

Art of Deception

The kinds of lies people tell — and how to spot their trickery! #spies #illusion #distraction #cons #catfish #tells #howtospotaliar


“Without bias there can be no deception, no bullying, nor mass murder. It all begins with bias. Spies, cult leaders & demagogues use bias to take control.” ~ Verna Lane

Brave & Restless

Mental health survival guide. Tools to cope with life more successfully while challenged by mental health issues, both great and small.

Broken & Co.

Life has a way of breaking us. Events and circumstances beyond our control. In some cases, we are broken at birth or as children from adverse childhood events (ACE). And then there are those who become attached to broken people — codependents — creating a cycle of drama and pain for both parties. This is us… broken & company!


It’s real and it has the power to ruin you — unless you outsmart it and take control back.


Entrepreneurial and corporate ventures, owning, operating, startups, VCs, IPOs, funding, hiring, leadership techniques, managing people, decision-making, innovation, invention, lateral thinking (ways to see problems from unique angles). #shark #dragon #VC #startup

California Life & Leisure

Lifestyle and News for Californians

Canada Life & Leisure

Lifestyle and News for Canadians ~

Cannabis Chronicles

Cannabinoids, cannabis, CBD, edibles, chronic pain relief, marijuana.


Art, photography, the art of creating, and innovative approaches to design.

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Criminal Forensics & Profiling

Forensic sciences, criminal profiling, interrogation techniques, predator psychology.

Critical Thinking

The process of accurately understanding what we see, attaining absolute objectivity in our perceptions. The mastery of autonomous thinking in spite of competing external stimuli.


Cultism and the brainwashing techniques that lead to its proliferation.

Decor & Design

Notebook for interior decorators and designers. Introducing new materials, pieces, colors and trends from around the world. Showcasing before and after renovations.


Apps, digital innovation, tech toys, electronics, CES, technology.

Digital Design

Designing: animation, apps, games, graphics, photography, video, websites.

Disability Journal

Resources, alerts and stories for anyone challenged by a physical or mental obstacle. Also focus on relief for carers.


Do-it-yourself projects, how-to videos and inspiration for your next DIY.

Eden Elders

Vitality and Dignity from Retirement to Sunset Years
50+ #boomer #retirement-planning #estate-planning #hobbies #gardening

Entertaining & Hosting

Decorating for the holidays, cooking for guests, hosting overnight visitors, party planning, social guidelines and etiquette.


Ways to strengthen your emotional literacy.


Defining the boundary lines between right and wrong. Determining what is right, and what is wrong.

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Outlining social protocols, good manners, and favorable standards to achieve successful interpersonal relations (and be well-liked!)

Eye Candy

Beautiful Images, Photographic Essays

Family Dynamics

DNA, genetics, birth order, dysfunction, domestic violence, abuse, secrets, sibling rivalry, teenagers in distress, personality disorders and other behaviors caused by childhood harm or neglect.

Famous & Broken

Celebrities give all they’ve got to amuse and entertain us. But their gift can also be their curse. What makes them so special is often what makes them “broken”. Plus, living in the public eye magnifies their pain or troubles. Let’s give thanks for the famously broken people who shared themselves with us. We are better for having known them.

Far Out

UFOs, astronomy, space travel, mission to Mars, possible alien phenomena, satellites.

Fertility & Adoption

All the ups & downs of bilding your family when “Mother Nature” has a hiccup.

Fitness for Life

Caring for your body to enhance satisfaction and longevity

Food Redirection

Putting an end to mass food waste by matching those who “have too much” with those who “have not”.

Free Stuff

Finding all the great FREE STUFF around the world and letting you know about it!

Freedom, Civil Rights & Democracy

All the ways our freedoms are taken for granted or taken away.


Finding friends, how to keep them, appreciating them and benefits of being a good friend.

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Futuristic Visionaries

Ideas from the future. Advanced visions of what is possible for humanity.


The unique issues facing each generation and the footprint they leave behind.

Gents’ Clubhouse

All the stuff that guys like, or need to know for a better quality of life.

Gold Dust Plaza

Shopping gems, discount sales and gifting ideas.

Goodwill Guardians

Worthy causes and catching people doing meaningful things.


The latest news and research that affects your health. Including important updates on COVID-19 from major reliable news sources.

Healthcare Failures

Negligent or biased medical care, faulty assessments, pharmaceutical mania, improper records management and poorly designed system protocols.

Herstory Chronicles

Recording women’s stories for posterity. Women’s stories are often erased from history due to gender bias. This perpetuates the invisibility of women as role models for future generations ~ “if you can’t see it, you can’t be it”. Our goal is simply to record women’s stories so that other women can see themselves authentically reflected in the world.

Highly Sensitive

The world according to highly sensitive people (HSP), empaths, and survivors of PTSD or childhood trauma.


Tips and tricks to get through the holidays. Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, etc.

Hollywood Clubhouse

The famous and their universe. Sharing production news from big Hollywood blockbusters to what’s available for streaming at home.

Home Cooking & Recipes

Collection of our favorite recipes, best cooking appliances, and tips on optimizing your time in the kitchen or grocery shopping.

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Comforts of home life + managing your household and garden.

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

Get Help. Be Prepared. Resources and warnings that might save your life in a critical moment. The things you wish you knew before crisis hit you.

In Pursuit of Excellence

Resources and fine-tuning for the self-mastered, high-performance leader #CEO #entrepreneur #visionary #legend #mentor #business


Stories for when you just need a “pick me up” in life!

Interesting People

The complex, multi-dimensional people who inspire and ignite change #changemakers #originals #legends #icons #pioneers #inventors #innovative

Investigative Journals

Deep dives and investigative reporting on issues that matter.

Killing the Bully

Tips and tools to deal with bullies, abusive and controlling people. Sometimes helping the bully is a solution too.

Makers & Influencers

Creators, experts and teachers with valuable insights, online and IRL (in real life).

Meal Prep Mastery

Make-ahead foods, organizing tips, food prep techniques, meal-planning, handy appliances, ideas for cooking with sheet-pan / crock pot / one pot / instant pot, base sauces, food storage, dehydration, healthy portable foods, etc…


Sexual assault, predatory grooming, sexual harassment, employer sexual exploitation.


Life in the luxe lane #wealthy #rich #billionaire #millionaire #assets #highnetworth #hnwi #highend #elite #upscale #finegoods #privateislands #privatejets #finecars #supercars #luxuryrealestate #luxe

Money & Wealth Management

Financial options, tax tips, investor news, capital funding, estate planning, asset and wealth management, money saving, banking security, investment strategies, credit cards, credit scores, salary negotiation.

Music Hideaway

Chillin’ with music videos, the business of music, upcoming events, reviews, awards.


Beliefs and practices beyond the physical world, including religion.

Mysteries, Myths and Monsters

Exploring mysterious phenomenon, searching for monsters, pursuit of Bigfoot aka Yeti, analyzing myths, showcasing weird wonders of the world.

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New York Life & Leisure

Lifestyle and News for New Yorkers, from the heart of Manhattan to all over New York State ~ |

Niagara Life & Leisure

Lifestyle and latest news for people on both sides of Niagara Falls ~

Nostalgic Blvd.

Vintage reflections, a stroll down memory lane and blasts from the past #antique #archeological #historic #vintage

Nutritional Wellness

Nutrients, sustenance, and food as medicine.

Our Planet the Living Organism

Climate crisis, wildlife, archeological finds, geology, earth science and shifting environmental considerations.

Parenting With Purpose

Modern parenting challenges and solutions.

Philanthropy 2.0

Philanthropists, notable donations, charitable causes, financial benefits of giving back, and examples of the new “version 2.0” for being a philanthropic hero!


What does it all mean? Exploring philosophies and philosophers – from modern days and ancient times alike.

Podcasts & Videos

Best of: podcasts, radio Shows, youtubers, audiobooks and online learning.

Political Notebook

Issues related to politics, government, laws and governing policies.

Predators & Psychopaths

How to recognize the human hunters, pirates and vampires whose #1 goal is to use you up and bleed you dry!! (figuratively, sometimes literally)

Pregnancy Handbook

From conception through to the first year with your new baby (or babies)!


Delving into therapeutic potential for healing and trauma-recovery via psychadelics

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Rainbow Road

Individualized diversity in whatever form you identify: LGBTQ, intersex, transgender, pansexual, asexual , gender fluid, non-binary.

Reading Room

Clever scribes and their literary gems. Recommended books to read.


Dealing with trauma, addiction, abuse, chronic stress, co-dependence. PTSD, complex PTSD (cPTSD), addiction, domestic abuse, rehab, workaholic.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Exploring solutions to reduce the amount of wastage around the planet. How to turn waste into opportunity for new construction materials. Finding ways to increase sustainability.

Rising Above Hardship

Overcoming adversity, whether you were born into hardship or recovering from a loss – be it job loss, homelessness or financial ruin. Helping you climb out of the valley of darkness and find a way forward.


The people and criminal plots designed to exploit you, or steal your money.

Seaside Rendezvous

Nautical and waterfront lifestyle.

Security Threats & Safety Tips

Digital security, data hacks, SIM swaps, identity theft and safety IRL (in real life).


Personal care and kindness toward ourselves.

Sick & Tired

Your lifeline to navigate invisible illness ~ helping you create a “safe zone” to endure mystery health problems while waiting for a medical verdict. Even if your diagnosis is pending or there is no cure, you can still take control of your own health, safety and symptoms.

Simplified Living

Exploring functional minimalism, organized and organic methods in all aspects of life: organic, green, non-toxic, holistic, reduced footprint, off the grid, marie kondo, tiny homes, simple life.

Social Media

Issues related to companies such as YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Zoom, etc. Also showcasing interesting influencers to check out.

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Studies & Statistics

Factoids, research studies, historical facts, resources for researchers and writers.

The Dark Side

TIFU, fails, alerts about things that have the power to ruin your life.

The Dirt Files

Shining a little light on dirty dealers, business scams, white collar crimes, con artistry, corruption, murder for benefit, organized crime, white glove deflectors and mayhem smokescreens.

The Fish Guys

“All things fish” — aquariums, angling, aquaculture, aqua sciences, fishing, seafood, marine life and reef conservation, ocean cleanup, resorts and lodges, fish and sea creatures, etc.

The Human Condition

Humanity’s mounting challenges, solutions, and trajectory for the future.

The Hustle

Career, freelance, side gigs and the gig economy… whatever it takes to make a buck!

The Look

Style secrets for all – fashion, bling, aesthetics and accessories.

The Writer’s Room

Tips and tools for writers, philology, grammar, story structure, character development, publishing insights, agent queries, success tips from accomplished authors.

Toronto Life & Leisure

Lifestyle and News for Torontonians and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)


Keeping an eye on the things threatening your health and your life.


Sexual slavery, human trafficking, and the fringe issues that foster this ongoing threat for vulnerable people.


Insights for professionals to better deal with people who are autistic, traumatized, or mentally vulnerable.

Trips for Your Next Sesh

Amusements and mindfreaks for your next sesh. Something positive but trippy to focus in on!

Twist of Fate

That moment when one spontaneous event changes the course of a person’s life.

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Two’s Company

Dating, romance, sex, love, marriage, breakups ~ making it work.

Virtual Office #WFH

Productivity and work flow solutions for modern professionals, remote work, apps, data management, project management, archiving, organizational, efficiency, GTD, communications, technology, apps, software, electronics, computing, work from home (WFH)

Wiser Code

Character building with a set of guiding values, principles, and a code of ethics for a challenging new world

Women’s Clubhouse

Handbook for all the stuff that affects a woman’s life ~

Wish You Were Here

Places to go and how to get there! Locations, travel, dining out, events.

Zen Roots

zen, vipassana, tao, meditation, yoga, tai chi, clarity, mindfulness, focus, chi, kundalini, enlightenment, awakening, zen buddhism, peace, reiki, life force, pilates.