Daft Punk meets Burning Man – yes it’s so worth a click!

The previous post was “Dare to be Imperfect” for people who are perfectionists and need to unwind a bit…

Well, let me tell you… perfection is not an issue in this video. The people you are about to see have really perfected the art of being imperfect! ZFG. They do. not. care. what you think about them and do they ever look like they’re having the time of their lives not caring.

Daft Punk |Burning Man 2013

Welcome to “Burning Man” the annual festival in the middle of the Nevada desert. This particular trippy dance routine is from Burning Man 2013.

Music by Daft Punk (on vocals is Pharrell Williams, the brilliant music producer and sometimes performer). The song is “Lose Yourself to Dance“.

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