Deliverance In Disguise

Why did I wait so long for my fairy godmother?
Didn’t I know that she was me?

Photo by Tommy Tong on Unsplash

Deliverance In Disguise

Why did I wait for my fairy godmother?

Through the chaos and pain that life beset
I waited for a solution to present itself
For rescue from persecutors
For help and guidance
Through the maze of living.

It never came… that magic bullet.

Instead, only hard work,
Research, decisions, dedication,
Overcoming challenges
and sifting through ethereal dung,
Looking for the gem I called destiny.

Waiting solved little, problems swelled.
The circle of chaos only grew wider
Until it touched other parts of my life.

Eventually mucking even the clarity
That I thought I had secured.

Today I know different.
Deliverance revealed.
I must act upon chaos, lest it act first.

Deliverance always near, no more waiting.
For I have become my own fairy godmother.

~ Verna Lane

Photo by Marc Schaefer at Unsplash

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