Medical Disclaimer

The information in this blog is provided by various sources, many of which are not medical professionals. We simply wish to provide people with life-saving information that is not yet in the standard medical handbook. The medical profession is lagging behind the real-life epidemic that is happening to so many people. It is not the intention of this website/blog to upstage doctors. We are simply trying to make essential information available to people who are forced to live with life-threatening symptoms and have nowhere to turn. Wherever possible, we gather information from actual test-studies that are being done by advanced medical researchers. Sometimes theories and advanced studies are just enough for us to manage our own health in the right direction. Some of us don’t have another decade or two until the doctors get with the program.

This website will not knowingly suggest any changes that may harm your health. Generally, we aim to recommend methods of abstaining from toxic elements, or therapeutic solutions for coping with chronic pain and food/environmental sensitivities.

If you have severe reactions to your food or environment  you should consult your physician immediately. This website is not intended to replace your standard medical care.

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