Dita Von Teese Shares Her Home with AD’s Open Door

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Dita Von Teese – the modern-day Queen of Burlesque – is a self-proclaimed “maximalist” (as opposed to minimalist). She loves to collect unique and vintage finds. These items are meaningful to her, and interesting to guests.

But also, these items are collectively a historical museum of the women that society often forgets, minimizes or erases over time. The women who amused, titillated and entertained the masses with burlesque or various forms of “comforting”. I wonder if Ms. Von Teese realizes that she is doing as much for the legacy of those women as she does for herself? She keeps them alive, in her own memory and in ours. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us Ms. Dita!

Inside Dita Von Teese’s Taxidermy-Filled Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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