Elise LeGrow – Beaches StreetFest 2016

Elise LeGrow is one of Canada’s national treasures! As a singer-songwriter, she’s got a unique personal style that inspires her audience.

A friend of mine was saying how enraptured he was to see her perform at a summer festival. So I couldn’t help but google for one of her live performances to see how it measured up to her polished studio videos. I was not disappointed! She’s awesome! I can just imagine how infectious this music would be on a hot summer day in Toronto’s Beaches by the lake. I would definitely make the effort to catch her live if I ever get the chance. This song (below) is called “Drinking in the Day”. Hmmm, sounds fun! Enjoy…

Elise LeGrow – Beaches StreetFest 2016


Elise LeGrow – Vocals
Jeff Eager – Guitar
Max Roach – Bass
Adam Bowman – Drums

This video courtesy of Twenty-five Musical on YouTube

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