How to Create Deep Change in Your Life

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The message from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits is very simple.

He offers no complicated solutions and doesn’t put on any airs of success. And yet, he himself is a success story according to the way he pulled himself up. His life was “broken” in certain respects (like many of us) and he found a way to crawl upward toward a better life.

His strategy is very simple. It just requires a sincere ‘desire for change’ on your part and his ‘habits’ can help you to create deep change in your life… whatever it is that you’re seeking to improve upon. These formulas can be applied to *any* kind of change. The potential is unlimited.

Leo Babauta | Zen Habits on The Art of Charm podcast

Speaking from experience, once you master zen ‘habits’ your life will be far easier to manage, in every way, for the rest of your days. And once you pass these ‘habits’ on to your kids, the trajectory for your descendants will be dramatically changed for the better.

The techniques used are similar to the way that I turned my own life around. It’s a simple un-learning of all the crap we get indoctrinated with as we grow up. Strangely, this un-learning is one of the hardest things for adults to do. Their ego gets in the way.

But Leo is incredibly skilled at putting these lessons into a simple context that we can grasp. If only we allow him to influence us, then we can slowly un-learn all the bad habits we’ve developed along the way. Those are the thorns that have held us back and slowed us down.

And when we release those thorns, that’s when the magic starts to happen in our lives!

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