How To Look Good on Video Calls for Zoom FaceTime Skype

I have a confession to make. I will do anything possible to avoid video calls with anyone. I just don’t like the look of my face on video. Some people will stare at themselves the whole time but I’m the opposite! I will hold something up to NOT see myself at all. So when I stumbled onto this video, I ignored it. But then I realized that with a little guidance, maybe I wouldn’t have to avoid those calls. And it turns out that she’s got some pretty darned good advice to share with us. Everyone can benefit from this — those who avoid video calls (like me), and even those who consider themselves to be pros. These tips are next level. Enjoy…

How To Look Good on Video Calls | Hot & Flashy
Hot & Flashy | YouTube

Angie, the founder of “Hot & Flashy” is the epitome of everything we want for the “50 & Fabulous” phase! And modern men are just as likely to care about their appearance as us gals. So this is handy for everyone, not just the ladies. Find out more about her winning strategies here…

Hot & Flashy

Getting hot-flashes? Wrinkles? Gray hair? Fifty is the gift that just keeps on giving!! If you’re an over-50 woman who’s looking for style, beauty, anti-aging, and health how-tos from an actual mature woman, then you’re in the right place!

Hot & Flashy | YouTube

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