Introducing Larkin Poe

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Larkin Poe | Preachin’ Blues (Official Video)

Preachin’ Blues is a Son House cover on Larkin Poe’s recent album ‘Peach’
© Larkin Poe
Larkin Poe – Don’t (Official Video)
Larkin Poe on Audiotree Live (Full Session)

Rebecca and Megan Lovell formed the southern roots rock duo Larkin Poe in 2010 after the disbandment of their americana/bluegrass project “the Lovell Sisters”. As Larkin Poe, the duo wield guitar and lap steel with ferocity, belting out vocal lines that match the intensity of this aggressive instrumentation. They’re born stars whose experience collaborating with Elvis Costello, Conor Oberst and T Bone Burnett has given the sisters full control of every stage on which they perform. Check out the live performance by Larkin Poe on Audiotree Live. Recorded on August 28, 2017 in Chicago, IL.

Audiotree Live (Full Session)
© Larkin Poe
© Larkin Poe
© Larkin Poe
© Larkin Poe
Rebecca Lovell (left) and Megan Lovell (right)

Larkin Poe

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