Jon Hamm

American Actor & Star of “Mad Men”

Born: March 10, 1971 in St. Louis, Missouri USA

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JON HAMM’s personal story is rather interesting. He had a rough go of it in his early years and spent his first 3 years in Los Angeles as a waiter with little or no work. Somehow he was fortunate enough to sign with the William Morris Agency, but after 3 years, he was dropped for lack of interest. Hamm made a commitment to himself to get things going anyway. Creating a five year deadline to “go big or go home” he – oddly – started seeing results almost immediately after making that promise to himself. JON HAMM is a genuine “good guy” and I’m really happy that we didn’t miss out on his screen presence. He’s good at his job and provides valuable “escapism” for so many of us. Thanks Jon! 

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