Milk’n Blues covers Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd (oh so good!!)

I really didn’t expect to be so impressed when I clicked on this video. A cover of the Rolling Stones *and* Pink Floyd?!? Come on! No way can that be done by the same band. But they nailed it! Adding their own flavor but not messing with the purity of the original songs.

Miss You, The Happiest Days of Our Lives, Another Brick in The Wall – Stones + Pink Floyd (cover)

Never was I more shocked than by the perfect harmonica coming out of this tiny pretty female in high heels. SO unexpected! The women are all talented but also captivating and endearing with their playful enthusiasm.

The lead singer was also quite a surprise. He looks like a “chill” guy (not a strutting Jagger type) but then the voice that comes out of him is something different altogether. He’s got an incredible range of voice and strong command over his vocal performance as well as his guitar, especially during the Pink Floyd solo… wow!

Somehow even the guys in the back row were also intriguing in their own laidback nonchalant way. Who IS this band? I’ve got to check out more of their stuff. They are something else!

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