New Year, Fresh Start

Happy 2021 to you! We sure needed a reboot on 2020 and the new year couldn’t come too soon. So far, there’s even more strife than ever. So here’s hoping that we get a reboot on our reboot soon!

Below is a video of the 2021 New Year’s Eve show in London England. It was beautiful and emotionally satisfying (awesome and breathtaking, actually). So I wanted to share that with you, even though it’s well after the fact.

To those of you who have noticed (kudos on that sharp eye)… yes, we’ve changed the name of our website. The new domain address is Wisertree

We had two separate projects that were kind of floundering and so I decided to merge the two. Wiser Daily is no more… at least in name. It will live on in spirit through this website. RIP 😉

Our other project, a wiki that wasn’t getting any love (except from spammers), has been merged with this website. And since we had to drop one of the names, that project called Wisertree won out as the new website branding. I hope you like it?!

I am seriously looking for contributors and editors (see this note) to help build this site into a thriving database of insightful resources. If that’s you, please drop me a message on the contact page.

Thanks for stopping by and here’s to an auspicious year for both of us!

London’s 2021 fireworks 🎆 Happy New Year Live! 🔴 BBC
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