Notes from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

January 2021

November 2020

Our collection called “The Front Page” has been renamed “Weekly Favorites”. Each Sunday morning a new edition will be published. In case you missed all the latest goodies, then you can always catch up at this simple bookmark:

Moving forward, we’ll be sharing a great deal of videos and podcasts. Due to the world being in such a state of upheaval, we’ve noticed these are the formats that people are finding most comfort in. It has become a way of self-soothing for so many — present company included.

Thanks for joining us. We appreciate you!

October 2020

Glad you could join us! Welcome to our new design. We will continue to improve the site over time. It’s a work in progress.

Some of the content (stories, ads) will change every time you refresh the page. Others (newsfeeds, videos) will refresh once or twice daily.

August 2020