A Hospital For The Mind

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The more that life gets to be “too much”, the more important it is for you to stay inside your buoyed area (your personal world) in regards to your mental focus. Take time to remind yourself of what’s important… to you.

The world always has an agenda for how they want to use you and control your movements. But it’s a key aspect of your happiness, and even your survival, that you always know clearly who you are and what’s integral *to you*. Only then can you fight off the wolves and find your bliss.

Now – more than ever – it’s so important to remember who you are and find your internal fire. That flame which inspires you and propels you forward. You will find that flame in books. Not the internet. For sure, NOT the internet. That spark you’ve been seeking can be found in books… or nature. Nature heals the mind but it’s not accessible to everyone right now because of the lockdown.

Emily’s Quotes

Nature gives us courage and refreshes our state-of-mind. However, it does not give us new ideas. Those will come from books. The more you read, the more you will explore and discover who you are.

Reading books will change who you are as time goes on. The more you read, the more your identity will be cultivated and molded into something unique. You won’t even notice it happening. It happens naturally while you enjoy stories and adventures.

Those adventures will change the core of who you are. It seems like fun at first. But only later, down the road, will you begin to notice that those stories actually made you a better human being – a more defined person – one with clear ideas of who they are and what they need to be happy.

Ultimately, the multi-facted person that you become will influence and affect the world around you. Without even trying, your character and values will show others how to find themselves too.

At first, you may fall asleep while reading. That’s a sign that your brain is not accustomed to focusing. Keep trying to read for longer and longer periods of time.

Eventually your mind will become stronger and more focused. Not just at reading, but with everything. Sitting (rather than laying down) can make it easier to last longer. In any case, even if you like to read yourself to sleep, I promise that you will have more colorful and entertaining dreams. In the morning, you will feel a stronger kind of resilience with which to face the day.

For these reasons, the best thing you can do to heal your mind, and find yourself, is to discover a good book! Be brave. Invest in yourself. Find a book. Then read it!


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