Reality Check on Van Life from Influencers and Minimalists Who’ve Lived It

Travel influencers and minimalists who live on the road help us to see the difference between social media illusions and the real world.

The following videos are not intended to diss van life. They mean no harm or insult. But these people have learned the hard way about what it’s really like to go out on the road and stay out there!

Reality – it turns out – is quite a lot different than the bed-of-roses-adventure that many have depicted or dreamed it to be. So here’s a reality check on what it’s like to be a road warrior!

The Reality of Van Life on Social Media
5 Things I HATE About My Custom Camper Van Build
5 Things I Would Change In My DIY Camper Van Build
5 Things I Hated about Vanlife :: Lessons Learned Living in my Transit Connect ep1

Some folks are living on the road as a solution to high rents and/or job insecurity. There’s going to be a lot more of that soon with the pandemic stripping away our opportunities. So municipalities and corporations are cracking down on where you can park your van at night. This sucks big time! Definitely something to consider if you are pondering becoming a road warrior. Here’s more on that…

Bad news. The crackdown on Van life has begun. ☹️

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