Remembering those who sacrificed

This post is in honor of the men who sacrificed their lives for the greater good – the soldiers who fought wars on our behalf. They gave up their lives (or suffered injury) so that we could have our freedom.  To them we owe our thanks for a debt that can never be repaid.

  This post is also in honor of the men who sacrificed themselves and worked in the harshest conditions so that our society could be built. The men who labored on our infrastructures, dams, railways, bridges and tunnels. They worked in deplorable, unspeakable conditions and knew that they might die on the job (and so many did). Those men were not shielded by unions or laws. They had no right to “safe or sanitary conditions”. They had no rights, period.
They were fueled by a strong sense of duty to provide for their families and serve their country. They paid the ultimate price for our evolution.
As such, they deserve a rightful place here, next to the tycoons who gave them work.

  And finally, I’d like to honor the families who lost a loved one for our sake. It is an extreme challenge for women and children to carry on, once the father is injured or lost to them. To those of you who paid an ultimate price so that we could have freedom and infrastructure… I’m sorry for your loss… and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

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