Respect vs Attention

“Once you figure out what respect tastes like, it tastes better than attention.” ~ P!nk

So many people today are seeking attention. If they only knew what it felt like, to be treated with respect, it would change their path entirely. As we become better versions of ourselves, we can earn the respect of our peers. And if we keep on that path of self-mastery eventually we can move up the ladder to even earn the respect of those we admire. That is difficult – very challenging – but can be especially satisfying.

Whatever stage we’re at in life, we all need to feel valued. It’s rare in today’s world to be noticed or valued. But that’s because most people put so little effort into developing the traits that make them worthy of respect. The modern world encourages all of us to take shortcuts, to fake our success, lie our way to the top, cheat and take what we want. So when the masses follow that path, they never get to feel what it’s like to be respected. They really miss out on the sweet experience of being valued.

If you are working to develop yourself (which is probably how you landed on this page!) then keep up the good work. If you haven’t already seen the benefits, you will soon start to discover a whole other side of life. Keep on your path brave warrior!

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” ~ Beverly Sills

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