Resourceful Couple Builds Shipping Container Home With No Experience

The thing I fell in love with was their spirit, her sense of humor, their fortitude and sheer determination. They are daring and bold in their pursuit of living an authentic life… even if it kills them! But seriously, their story is one of courage. We should all be so emboldened in our own pursuit of “living the dream”. For now, sit in your comfy chair and get a load of their journey. Maybe you will get the urge to do something great – afterwards. But first, the video…

Today marks two years that we have been out here building our own off grid shipping container home. Without having any experience, we’ve come so far and made so much progress. We can’t wait to see what this next year has in store!

Life Uncontained
Life Uncontained on Instagram
Life Uncontained on Instagram

Half way through the build, they found out she was pregnant! And they’re still living in an unfinished barn with no running water while they build this new house – just the two of them. I’m in awe of their courage. And they even managed to document the whole process… still doing construction while their baby grows inside her. OMG this story is so awesome! Love these people!!

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