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Are You a Conversational Narcissist? Here’s How to Find Out

Are You a Conversational Narcissist? Here’s How to Find Out

It’s a Rolling Stones world today and we’re all just living in it!

Wiser Daily

This next video is from The Rolling Stones and it was just released on April 23rd, 2020.

What’s fascinating about this video is the footage of world-class cities under lockdown — no people to be seen! I recognized my city (Toronto) as filmed by Janick Laurent. Other people filmed around the world. Let me know in the comments what cities you recognize.

The lyrics are all about living in lockdown, which is rather clever of them. It’s all very amusing and the music is pretty good too. If you are already a Stones fan, then it’s “delicious” to hear a new song from these musical wizards. Check it out!…

The Rolling Stones – Living In A Ghost Town

The Rolling Stones Release a Timely Track, “Living in a Ghost Town”: Their First New Music in Eight Years

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