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Funny Pictures – April 23, 2020

Water hole wildlife behind our home!


35 Enlightening Quotes For Times Of Struggle

He was on a ventilator, fighting for his life. A stranger sent reinforcements

Street Artist Creates Historical Plaque That Pays Tribute to New York City Healthcare and Essential Workers

Meet Gabe Wittes, the 18-Year-Old Who Is 3D Printing Medical Masks

Hang on to Hope for the World With These 11 Books

The magic of pursuing your dreams: father’s bravery had a ripple effect

Music Hideaway

The Rolling Stones: Living in a Ghost Town review – their best new song in years

Grateful Dead Unearth Rare 1993 Concert for ‘Shakedown Stream’ Series

25 Music Facts I Find Unbelievably Interesting, Even Though I’m Not A Baby Boomer

Carole King – I Feel The Earth Move
(Terms Of Endearment) (1983)

Simplified Living

Wild Birds Across America Are at Risk—Here’s How You Can Help Protect Them

School Bus Converted To Incredible Off-Grid Home
Living Big In A Tiny House

This family is hitting the road and doing it in style! They have converted a simple school bus into an unbelievably comfortable home. The entire bus is designed to be off-the-gird giving them perfect freedom to roam wherever they choose.

Living Big In A Tiny House

For more on the producer and his incredible video series…

Living Big in a Tiny House

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Happy Birthday Sophia!!!

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