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Funny Pictures – April 26, 2020

Brad Pitt as Anthony Fauci tackles coronavirus misinformation in “SNL” debut

Reducing Hole for the Cat. When will he stop?

Goodwill Guardians

Behind the Meme: I’m Losing My Sh*t Over the Superheroes Bowing Meme
“Doctors and nurses are the real superheroes.”

Brad Pitt Gets Teary Surprising His Makeup Artist With A Home Renovation

For 40 years, she cooked Thanksgiving dinner for police. So they surprised her with a birthday parade

In Italy, ‘Suspended Shopping’ Helps Those Facing Economic Hardship During Pandemic

How to Help Those We Love | #TheSchoolOfLife

Loving someone isn’t enough to guarantee we will know how to care for them. For this, we need to learn to understand the distinctive way in which they need our love to manifest itself in order for it to feel real to them. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):

The School Of Life | YouTube

‘Broken’ Dog Can’t Stop Smiling When He Realizes He’s Being Rescued

Matthew McConaughey Hosted A Virtual Bingo Night For Seniors In Quarantine And It Was So Damn Pure

Nordstrom is sewing more than 100,000 face masks for health care workers

YouTubers bought thousands of toilet paper rolls a few months ago. They just gave them all away for free

Philanthropy 2.0

Celebrities often get treated badly because they are so blessed with wealth. But our society would be pretty screwed without the generosity and kindness when they “give back”. Here at Wiser Daily, we want to give a little shout-out to some of those whove made our world a better place during this challenging time…

Anonymous donor gives every household in an Iowa town $150 in gift cards for food

Michael Che Will Cover Rent for Residents of His Late Grandmother’s Building

Joe Wicks to donate $100,000 from YouTube kids’ exercise videos to NHS

Sandra Bullock Donates 6,000 N95 Masks to Health Care Workers in Los Angeles

Tyler Perry surprised seniors and at-risk shoppers by buying their groceries at 44 stores across Atlanta — take a look

Dolly Parton donates $1 million toward coronavirus research

P!nk is donating $1 million to fight pandemic after weeks with coronavirus

Elton John Donates $1 Million to AIDS Foundation’s Coronavirus Emergency Fund

Rachael Ray tapes show from home, makes $4M virus donation

DiCaprio, others launch $12M coronavirus relief food fund

Lady Gaga has raised $35 million in 7 days for the WHO’s global coronavirus response fund

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos makes $100 million donation to help Americans facing food insecurity


Music Hideaway

What’s Going On | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

This song is featured on “PFC 3: Songs Around The World,” purchase it here:

We started this performance with PFC Band members Titi Tsira and Clarence Bekker while on a trip together in Rio de Janeiro. Wherever we traveled we would add more musicians, strings in Serbia, guitar and bass in Chicago, pandeiro in Brazil and the final piece came together with Sara Bareilles’ vocal performance at Washington Square Park in NYC. The message of this song is as strong as ever and it’s up to us to make the change we want to see. Music can show us the way.

Playing For Change | Song Around The World

We kindly invite you to support Playing For Change and access free downloads and exclusive videos:

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