The Military’s #MeToo Moment

VICE News provides a short documentary on a military sexual assault case.
For the first time ever, this case will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The following video is blood-boiling. It makes me so upset that we send our children into the military and they get treated like this. It happens to female soldiers with greater frequency, but also to the young men. They are somebody’s children. Somebody’s sister or brother, wife or husband. They are seeking to serve their country. They train hard and are loyal to do whatever it takes to serve and protect their fellow citizens.

Then, when they are assaulted by one of their own, they are disregarded – mistreated – bullied – mocked – further abused – austrosized – and forced to deal with dark realities. There is nobody coming to make things right.

How traumatic that the people they trusted with their lives are the ones who turned on them. To add insult to injury, those in charge do all they can to cover it up and shut them up.

Women should have the same freedoms to serve their country – to risk their lives for their fellow citizens – and not get brutally raped by one of their own. This has to stop. Only when the consequences are severe enough – and consistently so – will the rapes and assaults stop happening.

Those assaulted soldiers did not sign up for this. And their parents – so proud of their children who had the courage to serve – are left with confusion and a dark cloud. The parents don’t know how to protect their children from this. This was not part of the plan. They all deserve better.

Why is it that a few bad apples have the power to destroy so many lives? Why isn’t the focus on removing those predators? Why? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

The Military’s #MeToo Moment | VICE

Each year, nearly 25% of women in the United States military experience sexual harassment or assault. Now, for the first time, SCOTUS is hearing a military sexual assault case. We follow the survivor at the center of it as growing cries for reform sweep the nation.

The Military’s #MeToo Moment | VICE

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