Pink Handbook ~ No. 1

Handbook for all the stuff that affects a woman’s life


America’s first female recession

Why women are bearing the brunt
of COVID-19

Running While Female: More than half of young women joggers get harassed, study shows

Martha Stewart Responds to Fan Who Called Her Lobster Meal ‘Tone Deaf’
From this story, I’ve learned that nobody can squash a beef – so to speak – better than Martha. She’s a pillar… firmly rooted in strength and anchored by purpose. She is definite in her choices and, as such, is not fragile to the winds of change. When you see the video ‘Bulletproof’ below, it is basically about being more like Martha!

24 Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship
And Need To Let Go

If Your Partner Uses These ‘Future Faking’ Tactics In The Relationship, You’re Probably Dating A Narcissist


The booming cybersecurity industry has 350,000 open jobs in the US — here’s how to land one even if you lack experience
Noteworthy: the cybersecurity industry has learned that women are more effective at catching cyber threats because of their natural skills, so this is a new field of opportunity for women.

Fitness is Beautiful

STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL: 36 Amazing Action Shots of Top CrossFit Women

Women Joggers Harassed

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Now here’s a little pick-me-up to inspire your inner warrior…

La Roux – Bulletproof (Official Video) ~ 2009

This next one’s for your romantic side. When you settle down with someone, be sure they adore you like this… and don’t settle until you find that gem!

Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft. Cardi B (Official Video) ~ 2017

If you can’t see it — you can’t be it! In that light, here’s a spectacular scientist (Biomedical Engineer) who is breaking new ground in more ways than one.
Dr. Elizabeth Wayne is brilliant, bold and brave…

Why seeing a role model who looks like you is so powerful

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