Uncommon Sensibility

I found this on a random facebook page several years ago when the “99%” were occupying Wall Street to protest capitalism. For those who might not remember; the protesters were camping out in the middle of cities, obstructing life for everyone else, including the hard working middle-class people who couldn’t get to their jobs on time. So these “occupiers” annoyed a lot of people in their own demographic (others in the 99%). This anonymous poster was in response to those events…

It reads:

I am a college senior, about to graduate completely debt free.
I pay for all of my living expenses by working 30+ hrs a week making a barely above minimum wage.
I chose a moderately priced, in-state public university and started saving $ for school at age 17.
I got decent grades in high school and received 2 scholarships which cover 90% of my tuition.
I currently have a 3.8 GPA.
I live comfortably in a cheap apt., knowing I can’t have everything I want. I don’t eat out every day, or even once a month. I have no credit card, new car, iPad or smart phone — and I’m perfectly OK with that.
If I did have debt, I would not blame Wall St. or the government for my own decisions.
I live below my means to continue saving for the future.
I expect nothing to be handed to me, and will continue to work my @$$ off for everything I have.
That’s how it’s supposed to work.
I am NOT the 99%, and whatever or not you are is YOUR decision.


The source was unknown. Whoever wrote this… I would hire that person in an instant. They show uncommon sensibility in this crazy age of unjustified materialism. This is the kind of person that I would hire, that I would trust with my valuables, that I would bestow with untold blessings. Kudos to you kid, whoever you are.

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