Union Glacier Camp is the Antarctic Adventure to Reset Your Compass

Very few people will have the courage to try this type of adventure. But it’s worth sharing this gorgeous video for those of you who are bold enough to even consider it. This is NOT for the fancy, the entitled or those who love their comfy chair. Wow! I’ve got a lot of respect for the ones who take this train (so to speak) and make it part of their life’s journey. This place is really something…

A very short guide to Union Glacier Camp | Vimeo

Union Glacier Camp


Traveling deep into the interior of Antarctica is like visiting no other place on earth. Our unique infrastructure affords unparalleled access to the white continent’s best destinations:

› Only operator with access to Mount Vinson
› Only field camp near an emperor penguin colony
› Only private camp at the South Pole
› Shortest flight to the South Pole

ALE Website

The camp founders, known as ALE for Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions, has a wonderful website full of goodies. To find out more, check them out at…