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Brittney Woodrum, 27, decided to put her free time to good use during the pandemic. Being an avid outdoorswoman and hiker, Brittney got in touch with ShelterBox - an international charity that provides emergency shelter and aid to families around the world who lost their homes.⁠ +⁠ As an ambassador for the nonprofit, Brittney took on all 58 of Colorado’s 14,000 feet peaks to raise money and help people across the globe struggling through the pandemic.⁠ +⁠ The charity gives its signature box filled with shelter and aid supplies to those in need. To raise awareness for their cause, Brittney carried such a box on her back all the way from the start of each climb to the end.⁠ +⁠ It took her 78 days to complete her journey, but in the end, it was worth it. Brittney raised more than $85,000.⁠ +⁠ “There were a lot of variables involved," says Brittney. "From the weather to my health and well-being. I am so relieved that everything went better than expected."⁠ --⁠ h/t: CNN⁠ Photo: Brittney Woodrum⁠ •••⁠ @globalpositivenews⁠ @globalpositivenews⁠ @globalpositivenews⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #caring #heartwarming #positivepsychology #globalpositivenews #news #somegoodnews #tanksgoodnews #goodnewsmovement #Positivenews #positivenergy #positivity #onemillionactsofgood #entreprenuersipfacts #forbes #thegrowinginvestor #kindness #kindnessmatters #randomactsofkindness #actsofkindness⁠ #raisingmoney #fundraising #hiking #coloradofourteeners #colorado14ers #hikinglovers #hikers #covid19relief

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