Why Kids Cheat

Photo by ambermb at Pixabay

Quote from Rabbi Shmuley:

What we value, they value.
What we say is important, they’ll determine is important.
If you look at your blackberry, then you’re giving the message that my business contacts mean more to me than you do. As they internalize that lack of attention – and as they internalize that lack of neglect – they will also do anything to be successful in order to get attention. Because they also want to be loved, and what you’re telling them my child, you’re loved for what you do, for your prosperity. And that’s the insidious message that leads to dishonesty. Kids cheat when they believe that success will get them love. Kids are honest when they believe that morality will get them love.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
Expert on relationships and parenting

From the documentary “Faking the Grade” Nov. 15, 2012 | CBC Doc Zone

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