Wiser Innovation

Wiser Innovation is a research and multimedia company in TorontoCanada.

It is the parent company of “Wiser Wiki” and was founded by Pauline Wiser.

Objective: “Exploring the Secrets to a Better Life”

RESEARCH in Biopsychology ~ areas of concentration; Fibromyalgia, Sensory Processing Sensitivity (HSP/SPS),  Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Complex PTSD (C-PTSD), and Cognition

Developing new solutions to help people recover from hardship, homelessness, addiction, dysfunction and trauma.

MULTIMEDIA ~ Gold Dust Studios (subsidiary)

  • Publisher of 140+ digital magazines
  • Producing original apps, eBooks, wikis, videos, informative websites, and evolving media
  • Developing new types of multimedia

Note: Wiser Innovation was established in early 2020.  This venture is in the grassroots phase of development — but it’s not “new”. The process has taken 15 years of trial and error to get just the right vibe and flow. It’s been percolating and growing like a wise olde tree through all that time… evolving and morphing into what is being built today. The venture is fresh but the vision is seasoned and well-defined.

Official website: wiserinnovation.com

Corporate Divisions

  • Research in Biopsychology
  • Gold Dust Studios – Digital Multimedia Production
  • Wiser Press – Multimedia Publishing

Not For Profit


External Links

Official website: WiserInnovation.com

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